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Join us on a
cultural excursion into the wilds of Sumatra & Laos

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Presenting a hilarious docu-comedy about the
fun & funny side of adventure backpacking
in the most remote places on earth!

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Follow your guide, Cheyney, a seasoned adventurer with an engaging on-screen presence as he treks The Laughing Planet.

Get closer to the locals as our ultra-low-profile crew produces superlatively candid footage. This movie was produced with a minimal carbon footprint. We're trying to make it the "greenest & most paper-less feature" ever made!

From the comedy writer/producer of the hit series "MXC" and "Super Big Product Fun Show" comes a green story delivering a hopeful message about the environment in the 21st century.

Coming Now, watch Cheyney's exciting, fun and funny adventures all in glorious High-Definition video. This incredible, Earth-shattering docu-comedy has been several years in the making and is now ready for screening at film festivals.

Cheyney has always written quirky travel journals and taken surreal still photos which gave them life.

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